Buying a bicycle can be fun, but it also takes quite a bit of research to decide on what’s best for you. You might look at some publications on the subject, but they will often be too advanced for beginners. Much of the material is written for experienced cyclists, and others might find it a bit intimidating. Start out small and slow and grow your knowledge and heed the advice of people who know.

The first thing you need to do is decide what sort of riding you would like to engage in. The region in which you will be riding your bicycle really matters as well. If you are confident you will never do off-road riding, mountain biking, then just get a road or touring bicycle. This type of bike will have a frame that is lighter than a mountain bike. The tires on a regular bicycle are not as wide as those found on mountain bicycles. You have seen the handle bars and the touring bike will have curved bars that you can lean forward over if you want. Even though you may be using your bike for touring primarily; you would be wise to purchase a mountain bike if there is a chance you would be taking your bicycle off road. In the upper 60’s there was a popular bicycle recognized as a hybrid. The reason for the name banana seat bicycle is because the seat of the bike is shaped like a banana. A rider would primarily be looking at a fun time, not for any individual purpose. Only one gear is needed for this bike, which means it will not go really fast and will work best on level surfaces; with extraordinarily tall handle bars. Even though it was the rage then, these days there are not too many folks who buy them. This is the perfect bicycle for those who tend to be easy going.

If there was one area that is really important to consider and learn about it is the wheels you want to use. Obviously, a great deal of it is subject to whether you’ll be mountain or road touring. Yet, a good deal of it is reliant on whether you will be trekking across mountains or touring alongside the road. Mountain bikes, for example, usually have a 26″ wheel and the touring bikes have wheels that are a bit larger. The touring bike wheel will have 36 spokes in it and others will have 32 spokes which is really what a regular bike will have. An additional and vital contemplation are the rims for your wheels and they need to be at least reasonable quality.

If you see that you are feeling like it’s a lot to take in and that it is maddening to pick out a bicycle, then here is something to get you pointed in the right direction. Here is something to get you off to a good start, if you find that choosing a bicycle can be awe-inspiring, if not provoking. Other than the amount of money you can afford, everything else more or less flows from those two principles.