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Welcome to the Lodge at Gunboat Bay. Hosts Reg and Yvonne Stowell and Lorna Young will anticipate your landing and anticipating helping you make the most of your Sunshine Coast escape. The Lodge B&B is just somewhat more than two hours from the core of Vancouver however the pace and way of life is universes from the downtown hustle.

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Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics

Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics

If you are a beginner in hunting, Deer is one of the most relaxed animals to start with. Deer can be captured easily using a bow or a rifle. Dress appropriately in a warm boot, glove, and heated jacket before you go hunting. Here are some interesting Deer hunting tips.

Hide your scent.

This is one of the essential tips you remember before going for any hunt – Cover your scent! Animals, Especially a Deer is very sensitive and can detect any smell from miles afar. It can also detect the smell from the air and the ground you leave your trail. Do not use scented soap or a strong shampoo before you go hunting.


Making sounds and calls don’t grab the Deer’s attention. It gets scared very easily. However sounds such as imitating the sound of antlers hustle in the grass can draw the attention of the Deer. Employing a decoy is quite a tactic to attract a Deer. It tricks the Deer to thinking the decoy is one among the Deer. When the Deer approaches close, pull the trigger!

Use Deer Attractants.

Using items such as Deer feed, Deer urine, Deer feeders can be used to attract Deer.

Use the right Bow.

Use a compound bow that is comfortable for use. Use the ideal bow. Practice your shots well. Concentrate on being accurate. Try to get the deer down in your first shot. Practice with the bow in different angles and targets

Remain Quiet.

Try not to go in groups. Remain calm and composed with a clear presence of mind. Do not walk with loud footsteps as this would scare away the deer. Deer’s have excellent hearing and can detect even the slightest movements. Once they escape, it would take a long time for the same deer to come back to the original position. Wearing hunting boots or covering your shoes can eliminate the sound.

When to hunt?

You should know the exact timings as to when a deer can be spotted. Just after sunrise and dusk are the best time for deer hunting. Just after dawn, you are most likely to spot deer near their bedding area. If you spot them to be sleeping, it is even easier to hunt the deer down. Just before Sunset, you can spot deer near the feeding area. A deer, however, can be easily located during their birthing period.

Where to hunt?

Once you set out for 2-3 hunts, you would become familiar with the location the deer would come to bath, food, give birth, mate, defecate etc. Once the Deer’s ideal location is discovered, it is then easier to hunt the deer. Examining the Deer trails and Deer droppings can also help to find the ideal Deer location.

Why is animal hunting still legal in many Countries?

Why is animal hunting still legal in many Countries?

Back in the olden times, when human never had any weapons to hunt, the killing of wild animals was a sign of strength and charm. The meat of wild animals and birds were taken for food. Hunting slowly became illegal when different Countries saw the problem of endangerment of species. Costa Rica was one among the first Countries to ban hunting. Crocodiles, Jaguars, turtles were protected under the law. Endangerment of species is one of the main reasons as to why Costa Rica banned hunting. In India, hunting was illegalised in the year 1975 under the wildlife protection act. Fishing, however, does not come under the category of hunting. Hunting can be a significant source of livelihood for many people across the globe. All firearm owners and users in Australia, some parts of Africa, Germany, and Canada etc. can still practice hunting. Some Countries come under regulated law, wherein hunting of some animals is allowed. Here are some reasons as to why hunting is legal in many Countries.

Eco- Tourism.

Elephant hunting, for instance, is practiced throughout Africa. African Elephants are famous for their tusks and is wildly sorted after. People who hunt, pay a fee to the Government. In this way, the Country earns a large revenue. In South Africa, hunting is encouraged as African elephants are not endangered. This sport attracts people from all over the world to try their hand at hunting. Eco- Tourism is one of the ways Africa earns revenue. The taxes collected goes directly to the central government. This way, the state profits! The money from the tax is also used for managing and protecting the state forest. Hunters, indirectly play a major role in

A view of the “Sensory Safari” truck at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada, January 29, 2011.REUTERS/Max Whittaker (UNITED STATES – Tags: ANIMALS SOCIETY) – RTXX9HT

Culture and tradition

In many Countries, hunting is part of an age-old tradition and regarded as a symbol of high strength and dignity.

Promotes fitness and mental strength.

Hunting promotes mental relaxation and boosts mental strength. Just like any other sport, hunting is widely encouraged. Hunting helps to enhance concentration levels. The hunt is very nutritious and healthy. The hunter enjoys quality time with oneself or with friends or family.

Animal Check

In many Countries, deer population might be beyond control. This causes deer collisions with motorcyclists. Deer hunting in New Zealand, Australia, USA, keeps the deer population in check. In Countries like Africa, African hunting elephants are legal as they are a part of the age-old practice. Moreover, they do not come under the list of endangered species.

Tribal village

Most of the tribal communities, far from the cities, depend on hunting for their livelihood. They hunt animals not only to protect themselves but also serves as nutrition. Most of the animal skins are used to make dresses.

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Enjoy the taste of food caught and prepared the way it used to be. You taste it once, you will always want to come back.

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