Welcome to Gunboat Bay Lodge

Gunboat Bay offers One of A Kind Experience

The reason why you are here is because you want to have a place to stay while you are vacationing in Vancouver Canada. Not only that, you are looking for one that will take you to a much higher level than simply have a place to stay and sleep on. We definitely give you one of a kind experience as you stay at our place – Gun Boat Bay Lodge. We are just more than your average lodge.

We do offer the experience of a lifetime where you can be one with nature, get acquainted with what Mother nature has for us, and be able to appreciate nature even more. We never settle for anything else expect more from us when you stay right here.

Bring Your Pets

One important note, you can even tag along your pet with you. Never be alone on your trip, let your pet enjoy the view the way you do. We do give your pet a warm welcome upon arrival. You and your lovely pet will definitely enjoy it here.

Come and stay at Gun Boat Bay Lodge. We will bring you to much higher heights and deliver you a superb service that you truly deserve. So what are you waiting for? Do contact us today!